Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Campaign Wrap-up

With the Ancient Red Dragon, Agatheron vanquished, and all their companions dead, Sir Gwain and Wang Du wearly march back to the Firbolg's village.

Met by the recovering McDagger and Lothar, Sir Gwain and Wang Du relate their final battle with the Fire Giants and the Dragon.

After their full recovery, the remaining party members along with the Firbolgs explore the remaining fortress in search of the fabled treasure hoard of Agatheron.  Eventually it is found and it is, indeed, beyond imagination.  This long chamber is filled from end to end with unimaginable wealth. Gold is piled knee-high and speckled with jewels, weapons and artifacts of ages past - truly a dragon's hoard.

With the help of the Firbolgs, the treasure is mined out.

Without much need for treasure, the Firbolgs accept only a small portion, preferring to live simply and peacefully in the mountains.

Wang, Sir Gwain and McDagger head south to the village of Litafjord only to find it a charred ruin including the Keep of Lord Boomish, who was laid to rest in near the Firbolg's village.

Abanding the village and heading south, they come across the the innkeeper of the Craggy Inn and his dwarven wife.  They had left the village when they saw the dragon coming down the mountain.

Wang donates a portion of his treasure to the innkeeper so that they can start anew.

They all travel south to the village of Berkenstoke which was destroyed by in the Dragon's wraith.  The sturdy townsfolk had already begun to rebuild the village and once the news of Agatheron's death spread there was a big celebration in honor of the other heroes that died; Wolfheir the Viking, the priest of Mithra - Su, Grop the mighty wizard, Todashi the samurai, Thenus the ranger, and Arg.

Sir Gwain and Wang donated gold to the rebuilding of  Berkenstoke and headed west to Blackmoore, which was also in ruin.

As donations and rebuilding began there, Sir Gwain and Wang said their farewells for now and choose separate paths to travel with the hopes that some day their paths may cross again.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tonight's Background

After having infiltrated Agatheron's lair and defeating his army of Fire Giants, wounded and weary, the party made their way back to the village of the Firbolgs.  Resting and recuperating in their hidden village of stone, the party begins to make plans for their final assault on the Ancient Dragon (only if you want to, of course).  However, on the third evening, a fierce rumbling is heard throughout the canyon and the Flaming Pass.  In the skies above the mountains, a sight not seen for nearly 80 years; the fearsome and massive Ancient Red Dragon, Agatheron, flying off in a fit of burning rage heading to the foothills and the village of Litafjord.  From a distance you see the the dragon raze the village to the ground, undoubtedly killing the remaining innkeeper and his dwarven wife. 

With a bone-chilling and wrathful roar echoing in the mountain canyons, you see Agatheron rise in the air and fly south towards Berkenstoke and Blackmoore...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Session Notes

This is the summary of the last two sessions:

Monsters Defeated:
8 Fire Giants: 16,000 xp each
2 Hell Hounds: 800 xp each

Monsters Defeated:
7 Fire Giants: 14,000 xp each

Total XP: 30,800 xp each

+3 flaming giant sword (Arg only - 2-handed)
+2 Armband of  Protection (Arg)
Crown of regeneration (Thenus) 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Tonight's Background

Having gathered some additional allies in the shape of Koshan, a mysterious wizard, Lord Boomish, and Lothar the Firbolg, the party has found the entrance to the Agatheron's lair: a pair of massive iron doors 30 feet high and 60 feet wide.

With the help of Gorp the magical Kobold, the barred doors unlocked and McDagger was turned invisible.  Wolfheir and Arg pushed the doors open a crack to allow McDagger and Gorp to slip inside, and peering in the party saw:

Vast does not begin to describe this chamber. The doorway widens into a hall that is easily one hundred feet across and five times as long. Alcoves are set into the walls on each side of the cavern, covered with great red curtains. Each alcove is flanked by a large torch, filling the hall with a hot orange light. Far in the distance you see a raised dais and an altar of sparkling black obsidian. Five gargantuan fire giants are on the far end of the room, one of them wearing long ceremonial robes and the others carrying massive iron weapons.

In other words....

Experience for last session:
6 Giant worker ants: 720 xp each.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Session Notes

Exploring Hithata's Maze

Monsters Defeated:
2 Ettins  : 2800 xp
6 fish: 30xp
2 Giant Exoskeleton Crabs: 1600xp
3 Giant electric Eels: 360 xp

Total Monster XP each:
7,790 xp each

Two copper keys on chains (Arg)
1 vial clear
2 vials cloudy (Invulnerability)
1 vial (gaseous form)
+3 Freezing Sword (Winter Fang)
37,000 pg value of coins, gems, trinkets, etc.

Treasure XP: 37,000 xp divided

1 death: Tor the dwarf

NPCs: Frank, Joe, Nancy (all 1st level fighters), Emerson - Bard

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Session Notes

Exploring Hithata's Maze

Monsters Defeated:
4 Minotaur  : 400 xp each
4 Lions : 240 xp each

Total Monster XP each:
2,500 xp each

NPCs: Chet (died), Frank, Joe, Nancy (all 1st level fighters), Emerson - Bard

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Session Notes

Exploring the abandoned temple of Istar in the village of Larm:

Monsters Defeated:
6 Clerics of the Black Church : 360 xp each
14 Shadows : 1,680 xp each
4 Wraiths : 1,600 xp each

Total Monster XP each:
3,640 xp each

Sir Gwain, who was down 3 'levels' due to drains has recovered those levels after the monster that took them was killed.  This does not affect his HP damage.