Monday, August 18, 2014

Tonight's Background

5th day of the Month of the Wyrm.
10 days until the first day of winter and the Black Sabbath

You’ve been staying in the small fishing village of Fishersville for the past 5 days.  Fishersville is a usually quiet sleepy village on the shore of Lake Blackmoor but it seems that there is an odd edginess to the people there.

Here is a general summary of those five days.

Day 1
On the morning of the first day, the two sellswords, whom Edan had befriended drinking into the late evening hours exchanging war stories, left on a ferry boat to join Lord Blackmoore’s army in Blackmoor.  Tibag and Thenus are seen casually walking around town. Tibag leaves Thenus at the bower’s shop and continues his wanderings.  After spending the night in a tiny grove near the Bearded Clam, Gnarly wanders around the town chatting with the folks of Fishersville.  He spends the evening with his friends in the Bearded Clam. The ‘witch girl’ has been freed by the watch and is wandering the streets.  Folks in town keep their distance from her.  Maximus is not seen that day until the evening meal when he comes down to get a plate of biscuits and gravy with fried herb potatoes and onions then hurries back upstairs to his room.  The day is quite chilly and grey and the townsfolk are pleasant though somewhat distracted.

Day 2
Edan  and Gnarly leave the village gate early and are seen wandering off into Brushwood.  Thenus spends the day with the bower, Devlin. Tibag continues his wanderings around town. Edan returns to town before sundown and spends the evening in the Bearded Clam drinking with a woman named Tilly.  Maximus is again only seen for the evening meal chatting with a hooded old man then heading back up to his room.  There seems to be less people about this day, and the ones that are about appear distant and almost in a daze.  It is much colder today and the sky is very overcast and heavy.  In the late hours of night a heavy fog rolls in and howling is heard in the distance of Brushwood. Gnarly doesn’t return.

Day 3
A heavy cold fog blankets the town and forest.  Edan again leaves early in the morning and is seen entering Brushwood.  Tibag is out and about the village again but notices that there are not that many people around and that many shops are closed. Thenus, goes to visit Devlin the bower again but finds that his shutters are closed and the door goes unanswered. Maximus is seen leaving the Bearded Clam and meeting up with the hooded old man and both walk up to the tower on the hill.  Late afternoon brings the only stirring among the dwindling populous for out of the fog on Lake Blackmoor drifted in the ferryboat – empty and without signs of the ferryman or the two sellswords.  There are some murmurings at the Bearded Clam about the missing ferryman. As night falls the wind picks up and a heavy cold rain begins to fall as Edan and Gnarly both return from Brushwood bloodied from killing a hunting pack of Gnolls near town. That night the wind gusts and groans against the rafters and the cold rain beats heavily down upon Fishersville.   Howling once again is heard close to town.  Sleep is disturbed by wild dreams of faceless shapes in the shadows...

Day 4
The whole day is spent within the Bearded Clam and the storm continues to rage outside.  No other townsfolk show up to the Clam but that is blamed on the bitter cold and sleet blowing hard through the streets of Fishersville.  That day, the only occupants are Gnarly, Maximus, Edan and Tilly, Tibag and Thenus, the innkeeper and his wife and daughter.  Time passes slowly and dreamlike huddled around the fireplace sipping cider.  You all sense a tense uneasiness in the innkeeper and his family and they seem distracted and in a daze.  Everyone in the party feels exhausted and drained and on edge. All turn in early, even Gnarly.  There is no howling but disturbing dreams are had by all of faceless doom and portents of death, of entrapment and endless darkness, of a floating eye and many arms tearing at flesh...

Day 5
It is morning,  none of you feel rested but at least the storm has stopped but again, a heavy fog lingers.  The first thing you notice is that there is no fire burning in the fireplace and no food cooking on the hearth….

The quick version:
Besides the personal backgrounds you received in email, as the days in Fisherville progress, the storms get worse, a heaviness hangs over the town, less and less people are seen each day and you a have dreams of dark death.

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